Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine CF-330


The CF-330 car wash equipment possesses high-pressure water system, which ensures impeccable reputation for this machine. 5 brushes installed in CF-330 can quickly rotate and move in various directions to remove any dirt on the surface during operation. Below there are the technical parameters about the classical type of this car wash system.


Model CF-330
Dimension (Length x Width x Height) 2510x3600x3150mm
Rail Length 9000mm
Rail Width 3200mm
Assembling Range (Length x Width x Height) 11000x3700x3300mm
Moving Range (Length x Width) 11000x3700mm
Voltage Voltage AC 380V / 50Hz
Total Power 14.31KW
Water Supply DN25mm water flow rate ≥ 80L/min
Air Pressure 0.75~0.9Mpa / air flow rate ≥ 0.1m³/min
Ground Flatness Deviation ≤ 10mm
Applicable Vehicles Sedan/jeep/minibus within 10 seats
Applicable Car Dimension (Length x Width x Height) 5300x2200x2100mm
Car Wash Capacity 15-20 cars/h
Water/Electricity Consumption 72L/car, 0.31KW/car
Shampoo/Wax Consumption 7ml/car, 12ml/car
Vehicle Chassis Washing Available
Water Recycling System Available


  • The PLC full-automatic computer control system works as a prevention from any cars damaging accidents.
  • The galvanized door-shaped frame of the vehicle washing equipment features higher corrosion resistance and increases the service life.
  • Double swing drying blowers result better drying performance.
  • Modern foam and water wax proportioning system.
  • Two-Click washing method simplifies operations.
  • High-pressure water system will completely clean any dirt on the car’s surface.
  • Built-in self-diagnose system can recognize and remove obstacles during car washing.