Automatic Drive-Through Bus Wash Machine CB-750


The drive-through bus wash system (CB-750) washes both buses and trucks using 4 lateral brushes and 1 overhead brush. All the details are shown in the tables below.

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Model CB-750
Dimension (Length x Width x Height) 6241x5729x4780mm
Assembling Range (Length x Width) 8000×6000mm
Air Pressure 0.75 ~ 0.9MPa(7.5 ~ 9kg/cm²)
Voltage AC 380V / 50Hz (Three-Phase system)
Total Power 7.15 KW
Water Supply DN25mm water flow rate ≥ 120L/min
Ground Flatness Deviation ≤ 10mm
Washing Method Drive-Through
Applicable Vehicles Container truck, box truck, bus
Applicable Car Dimension (Length x Width x Height) (no limit)x3000x3200mm
Car Wash Capacity 12-15 buses/h
Water/Electricity Consumption 250L/bus ; 0.59kw/bus
Shampoo Consumption 25ml/bus
Vehicle Chassis Washing Available
Water Recycling System Available


  • The PLC full-automatic computer control system works as a prevention from any cars damaging accidents.
  • A high pressure water system increases the washing speed.
  • The galvanized frame is extremely corrosion resistant.
  • A built in self-diagnosing system automatically detects any obstacles during the washing process.


Standard Devices Self-Diagnose System
Lateral Brush Motor Equipment Data Intellectualization
Overhead Brush Motor Drive Motor
Water Pump