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Qingdao Risense Mechatronics  Co. Ltd established in 1998 is located in a beautiful seaside city Qingdao, China.
Today Risense has more than 200 employees, including managers, experienced technicians, sales staff and service staff to provide you with excellent car wash business solutions.
With about 30,000 square meters factory premises Risense is the biggest manufacturer of car wash machines in China.  The company has annual sales of more than 600 sets of all kinds of car wash machines to more than 100 countries in all over the world.

Quality Production

Risense strictly control every aspect of production of car washing machines. The core parts are all imported from German, Italy and Japan.
To satisfy the specific requirements of customers we start by selecting raw materials. We utilize trusted suppliers, allowing us to optimize our car washing equipment from the fundamental stages of production.
This dedication to quality continues throughout the manufacturing process. We use a mature and stable numerical control processing technology to process all components, frames, motors, and the non-standard parts used in our car wash equipment. Due to following reasons well-maintained Risense machines can operate at least 15 years.

About Factory & Technology advantages

The Risense factory includes 6 separate manufacturing workshops spanning a total area of 30,000 square meters. 

Technical advantages:

Hot dip galvanized technology: The hot-dip galvanized frame of car wash machine is rust and corrosion resistant, which makes the main structure more durable.

3DMAX laser-cutting and punching technology:
MK car washing technology introduced from Japan and components cut by Japanese 3D laser cutter ensure the precision of the components.


Company's History

From the inception to present day