Automatic Rollover Bus Wash Machine CB-730


Bus and trucks washing equipment with 3 roll over brushes (CB-730) has two lateral brushes and one overhead brush.  During the washing process, the bus remains motionless, and the bus wash machine will move the brushes around the vehicle. Some basic information about the machine is shown below.

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Model CB-730
Dimension (Length x Width x Height) 3390x5466x7300mm
Assembling Range (Length x Width) 21000x6580mm
Moving Range (Length x Width) 21000x6580mm
Voltage AC 380V / 50Hz (Three-Phase system)
Total Power 8.86KW
Water Supply DN25mm water flow rate ≥ 120L/min
Ground Flatness Deviation ≤ 10mm
Washing Method Automatic washing (Drive-Through)
Applicable Vehicles Container truck, box truck, bus
Applicable Car Dimension (Length x Width x Height) 14000x2600x4200mm
Car Wash Capacity 12-15 buses/h
Water/Eletricity Consumption 250L/bus, 0.59KW/bus
Shampoo Consumption 25ml/bus
Vehicle Chassis Washing Available
Water Recycling System Available


  • Rollover washing ensures a better cleaning performance.
  • The PLC full-automatic computer control system works as a prevention from any cars damaging accidents.
  • The high-pressure water spray system increases the washing speed.
  • The galvanized frame is extremely corrosion resistant.


Standard Devices Self-Diagnose System
Lateral Brush motor Drive Motor
Overhead Brush Motor Equipment Data Intellectualization
Water Pump